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Travelingmonger's Bio y Webcam Gratis

Nombre Verdadero:
Fecha de Nacimiento:
27 de Abril de 1952
Interesado En:
Localidad :
Valledupar, Colombia
Ultima Emision:
1 día, 7 horas
Idiomas :
I speak English. Girls speak Spanish.
Tipo de Cuerpo:
I'm thin. Girls are thin, athletic
Fumas / Bebes:
I smoke, the girls do not
Decoración Corporal:
2 girls have tattoos. I have none
Fotos & vídeos:
Acerca de Mí:

I'm a traveler - been on the road going on 4 years.

I'm 65

Somehow, I ran across Chaturbate, and thought, "Man, that would be a fun thing to do!"

I met a girl who has 5 friends here in Valledupar, Colombia

We started broadcasting and out of the 5 girls, Katy was the best performer. She now broadcasts on TravelingMonger by herself, for the time being.

She's a refugee and performs on Chaturbate to get money for herself ad her family. Life, in the country she is from, is really screwed up and difficult for her family that remains stuck in the country. Katy has found that she can perform, make enough money to live on and give money to her family -thanks to all who give tokens.

Fan Club

If you're anything like me, you've got a gazillion things going on in your life. Can't always be on Chaturbate supporting the girls and watching them perform.

Why not join our Fan Club?

By doing so, you would be helping the girls and their families survive during the month. Not a big chunk of change and it's the smallest fee that Chaturbate allows us to charge.

We're not looking of sugar daddies, just some good gentlemen that would be able to toss in some money for the cause - about the price of a Starbucks coffee!!

Our Fan Club Members






If you'd like to find out more, feel free to email me at claptona3@yahoo.com.

Realize that we all need to pay the goose that's laid the golden egg. CB allows us the chance to do this. No messaging on any other platform but Chaturbate. If it wasn't for them, none of this would be possible.

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