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Meatyishere's Bio y Webcam Gratis

Fecha de Nacimiento:
9 de Abril de 1996
Interesado En:
Localidad :
Ultima Emision:
2 días, 23 horas
Idiomas :
english italian french
Tipo de Cuerpo:
Fumas / Bebes:
When I have fun
Decoración Corporal:
A huge cock
Acerca de Mí:

Brief for the show : I do not stand, i do not fap with both hands, i do not show face, all of this because i need to focus and stay as hard as possible while managing the room. No, I don't suck myself (but I could), yes the show is live and not pre recorded ( I wouldn't have 97% positive rating otherwise). Don't advertise your room in my room thanks. Request by tipping please, I do this for fun, and you can help me cum by putting sexy gifs in chat ;)
Also I'm straight. And uncut.

I will try to make content once I feel I can do something good enough for the fans sorry for the waiting.

My fan club is for my future videos, more videos will come with more fans ;)

Quick Q&A; :

At what age was it this big ? | It was similar since I remember, it grew.
Is your father like you ? | I don't know.
Brothers/Sisters related ? | I have a family.
How big is your dick ? | I don't tell the size so everyone keep asking ;)
When was the last time you fucked ? | Last time I wanted to
How tall are you ? | About one Jesus.
Why a white shirt ? | It reflects a better luminosity, for a better picture quality.
Are you disabled, that's why you don't stand up ? (true story) | My body is working well.
How big is your dick ? | ;)

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