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Deviousmiss's Bio y Webcam Gratis

Nombre Verdadero:
Fecha de Nacimiento:
4 de Septiembre de 1992
Interesado En:
Hombres, Mujeres, Trans, Parejas
Localidad :
Ultima Emision:
16 horas, 39 minutos
Idiomas :
Tipo de Cuerpo:
Fumas / Bebes:
Acerca de Mí:

About me: I am a domina. Plain and simple. You can call me a mistress, or whatever, I dont care. But domination is my life; it is NOT a fetish for me. I love to dominate and abuse men. I am into pegging, wearing my strap-on (I pretty much wear a strap-on all the time; even a little one under my pants when I go outside), CBT, sissification, mistress worship, foot worship, and lots more. I am not into JOI I really dont care about giving your cock pleasure. I dont need cock, except to abuse and torture it. So, if you want an extreme experience, then come see me.

More about me: I AM A LESBIAN. Believe it or not. I love women and have sex and relations only with women. With men, I only dominate and abuse. I am not interested in being penetrated or anything sexual from a man. I only enjoy to dominate, abuse, and fuck mens asses for me, this is not sexual pleasure; it is power. So, understand you will not change me. So dont try. Dont be stupid. I love women I enjoy sex with woman but I am also dominant with ladies I love to fuck and have my pussy licked by a gorgeous girl.

Some more: So, if this interests you, then COME IN PRIVATE and lets get it on. There are so many things to do so many ways to dominate you and use you. Check out my TWITTER page to see some of my slaves and bitches. I even pimp some of them out online.

You will become addicted to me. Expect it. And go with it. Just give in and let MISSTRESS have you.

Skydriverguy26 guy is my bitch and i own him!
Slutty_gent is also working for me!

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